It is the one the easiest challenge in web application penetration testing part on tryhackme.

TryHackMe is one of the best platform for the beginners as you get hints from the questions itself that are asked in the room. Also if you are stuck somewhere you can go to write-ups…

Web Application Penetration Testing and Privilege Escalation

This machine deals with the basic parts of the penetration testing like bruteforcing ,enumeration, hash cracking.

Machine include different questions like what are the different hidden directories, services running, usernames, their passes,etc.

So i got the IP for the machine:

Firefox’s view!

Let’s start…

Boot2Root challenge: Capture the normal and superuser’s flag.

Overpass is the series related to the web application penetration testing and is really beginner’s friendly. It includes basic web vulnerabilities,basic cryptography,password cracking and analyzing the source code.

So lets get started……..

I got the machine’s IP as .

So go…

Jatin Batish

Hey there! I'm student of Punjabi University,Patiala, pursuing B.Tech. in field of CSE. I'm cybersecurity enthusiast and webapplication penteser! Thanks!!

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